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What You Need to Know About FireLine

Photo: Berkley

  • No other superline like it on the planet. Can't be: It's patented.
  • It's NOT a braid. It's a "thermally fused" superline. That means the fibers are thermally fused, not braided.
  • Fused means smooth castability (it behaves more like mono).
  • It's by far the best superline for spinning reels.
  • Fireline is made with top-of-the-line Dyneema fibers, not the Spectra-brand fibers used by most other superlines. That means it's better and tougher.
  • Buy it here

So there you go. You want a superline that responds off the reel like mono, check out FireLine. If you want a superline that's translucent, try FireLine Crystal.

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