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What Does AV Stand For?

Photo: Fenwick
Aramid Veil fibers give more strength to Fenwick Techna AV rods, strength bass anglers in particular need.

Techna AV rods are high-end rods made by Fenwick, and are used by top pros and weekend warriors alike. What makes them better or different than other high-end rods? Here are a few facts:

  • Fenwick found that competitive anglers, in particular, put a lot of power into hooksets and casts. That causes rod tips to "overbend." On hooksets, that could cause many rods to break, and when it comes to casts, they won't be as accurate. Fenwick engineers wanted to make sure that wouldn't happen.

  • The challenge was to do it with lightweight IM8 carbon fibers. The answer: Aramid Veil (the "AV" in Techna AV), a trade name for veil-like fiber that's used in things like bomb containment materials and bulletproof vests.

  • When building graphite rods, something has to be added when building the blank to add strength to the high-modulus graphite fibers. In most cases, a glass scrim is used. But Aramid Veil (and also Fenwick's Carbon Veil) creates more strength than glass by giving strength and structural integrity to the rod in all directions, not just two directions like glass. An important side benefit: decreased weight.

  • The Aramid Veil allows Techna AV rods to have a smaller bending radius which also helps with heavy baits.

  • If you look carefully, you can see the veil material on the surface of the blank.

  • The end result is a quicker, snappier, tougher rod from tip to butt with hardly any weight added.

  • Fenwick notes that these rods both casting and spinning are built mostly for competitive bass anglers.

  • MSRP = $199-229.

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