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In the last two installments of Recon, we talked with California pro Charlie Weyer and Texas pro Kelly Jordan about their off-season regimens. Both talked of tackle preparation, sponsor negotiations, boat maintenance and fun fishing as part of their off-season rituals.

Weyer also spoke about the way he takes a complete inventory of his tackle, making sure to weed out unproductive tackle and replace it with more equipment that did him well in the last year. More

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Keep Your Mind And Body In Shape
As noted in last week’s installment of Recon, just because this season’s ...
Laura Gober
WBT Red River winner Laura Gober talks with Terry Brown on BassFan ...
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What You Need to Know About FireLine
  • No other superline like it on the planet. Can't be: It's patented.
  • It's NOT a braid. It's a "thermally fused" superline. That means the fibers are thermally fused, not braided.
  • Fused means smooth castability (it behaves more like mono).

What Does AV Stand For?
Techna AV rods are high-end rods made by Fenwick, and are used by top pros and weekend warriors alike. What makes them better or different than other high-end rods? Here are a few facts:

  • Fenwick found that competitive anglers, in particular, put a lot of power into hooksets and casts. That causes rod tips to "overbend." On hooksets, that could cause many rods to break, and when it comes to casts, they won't be as accurate. Fenwick engineers wanted to make sure that wouldn't happen.

Why Do So Many Pros Like Stren Super Braid?
  • Bass pros and redfish pros like Super Braid over other superlines.
  • It's all personal opinion, but many pros think that this line fishes and casts the best of any superline.
  • It has a coating called advanced microbond technology that binds to the fibers and helps the line keep its round shape, color, slickness and strength much longer than ordinary superlines that just use a wax coating.

What's Berkley Gulp!?
  • Gulp! is a water-soluble, 100% biodegradable material that acts kind of like a sponge.
  • It soaks up all the fish-attracting and fish-holding-on goodness of PowerBait and disperses it in the water 400 times faster than soft-plastic baits.
  • This makes Gulp! ideal for slower, finesse-type techniques so the bait's scent can disperse in the water. "When you're dropshotting or using a shakey worm,

FireLine Crystal: The Only Translucent Superline
  • Anyone can make a white superline. But the patented FireLine fusing process "melts" the fibers and makes them translucent.
  • If you wrap FireLine Crystal around a piece of paper, you can read the words through it.
  • Crystal is hard to see underwater, partly because it's not completely clear like mono so it doesn't reflect light or sparkle.

Plastic vs. PowerBait vs. Gulp!
  • Baits made with all these materials catch fish.
  • Over years of testing, Berkley found out what bass like and put together a mixture of stuff that bass love. Stuff they eat all the time. That's what's in PowerBait and Gulp!
  • In head to head Berkley tests, PowerBait had 20% to 100% better catch rates than regular plastic baits, depending on shape, action and color.

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Ike changes his strategy and line at the Santee Cooper "slugfest"....